Why Choose an E-WIN® Chair Over Other Chairs Under $99?
"We have been asked many times why should choose an E-WIN® Chair when there are many similar patterned copycats on the 3rd party platforms at very low prices?!". Actually, every E-WIN® chair you buy is an investment in the science of sitting. We put all our materials, components and chairs through rigorous tests that far exceed industry standards, so you know theyʼre really built to last. But the talk is cheap so we thought it's best to show you.
E-WIN® VS Copycats

Comparison of Appearances

Due to the success of E-WIN®, many "copycats" have entered the market selling their "racing chairs" that look nearly the same. What's more, it's hard to classify the differences if the picture is beautified.

Comparison of Weights

The weight of E-WIN® is 11lbs(5KG) heavier than the weight of copycats, because as America's NO. 1 heavy-duty gaming chair brand, we use a massive metal structure to ensure that the chair can support heavier pressure. The copycats, not so much.

Comparison of PU Leather

E-WIN® Hydrolysis Resistant 2.0 PU Leather is certified by TÜV SÜD to last more than 200,000 abrasion cycles, the PU leather on our chairs is ten times more durable than the industry standard leather (lasting only 20,000 cycles). The copycats, regular PVC leather.

Comparison of Foam

E-WIN® code-cured material in the seats and backrest to create a gaming chair that provides unmatched comfort and support. The Cold Cured Foam is firmer than regular foam and always retains its shape for years together. Copycats are packed with "stuffing" that immediately falls apart

Comparison of Metal Frames

The body of the E-WIN chair is manufactured using a high- diameter steel frame and electrostatic powder coating technology to ensure a durable structure that will not rust and increase the life of the chair.
The copycats' steel frame has rusted and will soon break. The E-WIN chair steel tube has a diameter of 0.6 inches and a thickness of 0.8 inches. The copycat's steel tube has a thickness of 0.4 inches ONLY!

Comparison of Mechanisms

Whether youʼre sitting straight or leaning back, E-WIN® sturdy multi-tilt mechanism adapts effortlessly to you. Adjust the tilt tension knob to customize the level of tension. The copycat has a steel-tilt mechanism locked in one position

Comparison of Comfort

In the backrest and seat base, E-WIN® features heavy elastic straps and more of that quality molded cold cured foam material. The copycat features plywood!

Comparison of Bases

E-WIN® comes with a larger reinforced ADC12 aluminum wheelbase. - almost 28" in diameter (70cm), making it more stable and durable. The copycat comes with a small metal base
For a lower price copycat, your back and wallet won't be happy! In the long run, E-WIN® can offer a higher quality, more durable, and comfortable chair!